As you know by now, I’m a storyteller. Whether it’s this about page, an article on how to live a sustainable life, or a fun TikTok video, storytelling is my passion…

But wait, there’s more ;). Check out these links, pictures, and videos to get to know me:

I’m a…


I dabble in some…


I used to be a…

Figure Skater

I co-founded this…


Some press about me…

Chicago Tribune

Golden Skate

In my free time, I…

Play Guitar



and I’m always coming up with my next creative idea to pursue (previous contenders include bismuth jewelryvideo editing/effects, and creating original figure skating lifts).

World Records (for more, see BeatThatRecord in my portfolio):


Breaking a world record every day: Day 4- most spirals drawn in 30 seconds (21). What record should I break next? #jacobsimonsays #worldrecord #daily

♬ original sound – jacobsimonsays

A Personal Essay