My Other Work

I’ve worked with so many other incredible clients too. From copywriting on social media, to writing articles, to creating content, we’ve come together to amplify their mission and message to millions of people. Free to ask me about any of them!

  • Malmberg (a swedish energy company)
  • Offsetra (offset your carbon footprint)
  • Zero waste magazine
  • Driving Change (reporting to advance public good and the fight the climate emergency)
  • BeatThatRecord (a self-made world record breaking website)
  • Pepsi Dig In
  • Mountain Dew
  • Southern Comfort
  • Paddy’s Irish Whiskey
  • Ship Dating App
  • Nutella & GO!
  • Nutella Cafe
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Kinder
  • Have Fun Do Good
  • Jack’s Place Steakhouse
  • Squirrel Rewards