What is BeatThatRecord?

Spawned from an urge to be creative, competitive, and make something completely original of my own, I had the idea to attempt world records I could do from home. I researched world records that didn’t require a lot of preparation and started to attempt to break them. I decided I would post them on social media, mainly on TikTok, and they almost immediately started blowing up and going viral.

After engaging with and building a community of supporters and other people who wanted to get in on the world record game, I decided to build a website on WordPress, from scratch, on my own, with no previous website creation experience to any capacity. My motivation and determination didn’t care, and I taught myself everything I needed to know through research and YouTube tutorials. The website was completed within a week.

Through unpaid and earned social reach, search engine optimization, and an email list, I was able to bring engagement and entertainment to hundreds of users, thousands of times. I was also able to implement advertisements and monetize my creation.


  • Over 23,000 pageviews on beatthatrecord.com
  • Over 900 registered user accounts.
  • Over 200 submitted and approved world records.
  • Biggest viral video at nearly 2 million views, over 642,000 likes, and over 750 comments.
  • TikTok account at over 75,000 followers and 2.3 million likes.

To access: https://www.beatthatrecord.com


Breaking a world record every day: Day 2- tallest toilet paper roll tower held in hand for 30 sec (18). #jacobsimonsays #worldrecord #daily #whatsnext

♬ original sound – jacobsimonsays

Breaking a world record every day: Day 12- most hearts drawn inside another heart in 1 minute (26). #worldrecord #worldrecordchallenge #jacobsimonsays

♬ original sound – jacobsimonsays

Daily world record: Day 15- longest time holding a pencil vertically in between 2 fingers (32 min). Website is looking great so far! #worldrecord #fyp

♬ original sound – jacobsimonsays