The Story

After my 10-year career as a Team USA pairs figure skater came to an abrupt end due to a dislocated shoulder, my urge to be creative, competitive, and create something original raged on.

An inkling of an idea that felt like a pipe dream popped into my mind, can I break a world record? Unfortunately, the timing was not ideal as Covid-19 had effectively closed down everything outside of my home. But that didn’t stop me.

After researching world records that didn’t require a lot of preparation or thousands of dollars to perform, I started to attempt some from my living room. But, what was the point of breaking a world record if no one knew about it? I decided to post my world records on social media, and they immediately took off.

My second world record, The Tallest Toilet Paper Roll Tower Held in Hand for 30 Seconds, gained 2 million views, 600 thousand likes, and thousands of followers.


Breaking a world record every day: Day 2- tallest toilet paper roll tower held in hand for 30 sec (18). #jacobsimonsays #worldrecord #daily #whatsnext

♬ original sound – jacobsimonsays

I knew I couldn’t stop there, so I started breaking a world record every day and posting a video of the process and the result.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Don’t you need Guinness to certify a world record for it to count? I admittedly thought the same, but of course not! A world record is when you achieve something that no one else in the world has before. You shouldn’t, and don’t, need to pay a company to prove that that’s the case.

Which is exactly why I decided to build a community-driven website for my fellow world record setters.

The Job

With my videos gaining traction, and my community growing, I decided to build a website on WordPress that could host my world records, along with anyone and everyone that wanted to break one of their own.

With no prior experience, I built the website by myself in just over a week.

Through my community of followers, search engine optimization, and an email campaign, I was able to bring engagement and entertainment to tens of thousands of website visitors. As a bonus, I managed to earn some ad revenue too.

Quick Stats

  • 23,000+ pageviews on
  • 900+ registered user accounts.
  • 200+ submitted and approved world records.
  • TikTok account growth to 70,000+ followers and 2.3 million+ likes.

Daily world record: Day 15- longest time holding a pencil vertically in between 2 fingers (32 min). Website is looking great so far! #worldrecord #fyp

♬ original sound – jacobsimonsays

The record that, surprisingly, took the most attempts:


Breaking a world record every day: Day 12- most hearts drawn inside another heart in 1 minute (26). #worldrecord #worldrecordchallenge #jacobsimonsays

♬ original sound – jacobsimonsays