Squirrel Rewards

The Story

When Covid-19 took the world by storm, a few entrepreneurial minds based in Chicago came together to create Squirrel Rewards. A business school student, a restaurant owner, three developers, an established startup-marketer, and myself: the marketing intern!

Squirrel, an emerging tech startup, was conceived with a mission to bring safety and simplicity to the forefront of shopping and dining. Through QR code tech, an online menu ordering system, and gamification, our goal was to transform the way restaurants can optimize the dining experience. Through this, we were envisioning a better way for customers to experience harmony between safety, utility, and fun in their daily shopping.

The Job

Truly from square one, I was tasked with refining the vision, designing the brand, and transforming the abstract idea into an app for all to utilize.

I took on the role of one of a few key decision-makers across the infant company. I owned and collaborated on every aspect of brand development and marketing including logo design, creating social media profiles, crafting content calendars, and formulating the overarching brand marketing strategy.

I created social media accounts for the company across all major social media platforms from the ground up. Next, I created original graphics, copy, and interacted with businesses and customers to build an authentic community in the Chicago area and beyond.

I researched and wrote original blog posts on the future of dining, emerging technology, and safety in the world. I added answers to common questions covering the app and company and created featured images and social media graphics.

The Skills

  • Writing
    • Blog posts
    • Social media copy
    • Marketing emails
  • Design
    • Website
    • Branding (colors, logo, format)
    • Social media photos and gifs
  • Digital marketing
    • Community management
    • Local business networking
    • Email marketing
    • Gamification