What is Squirrel Rewards?

An emerging tech start-up in Chicago, Squirrel Rewards is bringing safety and simplicity to the forefront of shopping in a COVID-19 world. With the app still in development, I have been one of a few key decision-makers in areas across the company including logo design, creating brand social media profiles, crafting content calendars, and formulating the entire brand marketing strategy.

I have created social media accounts for the company across all major social media platforms from the ground up, created original graphics, copy, and interacted with businesses and customers to build a community.

A pivotal aspect of our marketing strategy is creating blog posts that provide answers covering the app and beyond. I have created short-form blog posts answering questions around the future of emerging technology and safety in this changing world. Furthermore, I have created featured images, social media graphics, and outreached to hundreds of companies to form partnerships.