What is YourWeedTeacher?

To further enhance my website design, deep research, search engine optimization, blogging, and creativity, I began to research niches that people were interested in. In a country that is slowly legalizing cannabis, I found evidence that there was a huge and relatively untapped market in topics surrounding cannabis education and safety.

The interest was immediate, gaining 4,000 pageviews and 1,000 users in one month. To reach a larger audience, I converted blog posts into educational whiteboard videos, posting them on social media. Within a few weeks, YourWeedTeacher had over 20,000 followers and 300,000 likes.


Reposting the history of why weed was made illegal in the US (this time without that annoying watermark!) #repost #ywt #history #learnontiktok #educat

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After refining and mastering the blogging format, 34 percent of users are now acquired through organic search. As a bonus, I have become substantially faster at conducting effective research, setting up a long-form blog post, proofreading, and fact-checking.

Check out the site: www.yourweedteacher.com